Victorian Science Fiction: A wargaming and role playing genre (or period). Also know as "VSF", "Victorian Adventure" and "Science Romance".

Distinctive Features

The Victorian Science Fiction genre, while containing historic European colonial troops and native forces, most often also includes technologies that are anachronistic or fantastic. Including: Exoctic Weapons, Landships, Walking Machines, Robots, Flying Machines and Spacecraft. Often set in lands newly colonized by Europeans, the force compositions often include native Askari units composed of Martians, Venutians or other exotic creatures.


Set in an alternative history of Earth in which steam powered technology become supreme.

Temporal Setting

Set primarily in the Victorian era (the period of Queen Victoria's rule between 1837 and 1901).

Exotic but Real Earthly Settings

The gaming physical setting is often in exotic locations including Earthy locals: Africa, Asia, South America,

Fantastic Settings

The gaming physical setting is often in exotic fantastic locals including: Mars, Venus, Earth's Moon, fictional countries or continents, of within the Earth's core, "Symzonia".


The literary inspiration for Victorian Science Fiction come from: Joules Verne, Camille Flammarion, H. G. Wells and other authors writing in the Victorian era, as well as many modern authors.

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