OC - Outrim Coalition

At the frontier of human space, pioneers and freebooters mostly fought among themselves--until the Kra'Vak invasion. Afterwards, when the major navies withdrew to defend the Core worlds, the abandoned people of the outer rim were forced to cooperate to defend themselves against xeno attacks. Rim shipwrights, innovative and resourceful, installed weapons on whatever hulls they had available, then quickly turned to building new vessels designed for war. The few Rim shipyards have limited capacity, however, so converted raiders and armed merchantmen are still common in ORC squadrons. Because ships are so valuable, the captains of the Rim still carry on the pirate tradition of capturing enemy ships, when possible, rather than destroying them, and most ORC warships mount EMP batteries for that purpose. Their prey is not only the xeno ships that attack them, but also the ships of the inner worlds who abandoned them.