Miniature wargaming is a hobby which involves the playing out of conflicts using three dimensional makers know as miniatures. The miniatures are representation of various military units, most often scaled down models of soldiers or vehicles. These miniatures can be made or a verity of materials including lead-tin alloy, lead-free pewter, polypropylene (soft plastic), polystyrene (hard plastic), resin, modeling clay, wood or even paper (see Low budget wargaming). The miniatures are often painted or colored to enhance their resemblance to the items they represent and mounted on bases to aid it they placement and movement on the wargaming table. The wargaming table itself is often decorated to represent the features of the battle field, often including scale down vegetation and structures known as "terrain".

Miniature wargaming can be divided in many different ways. One common method is to consider if the setting is Historical and Non-Historical, Fantasy.


Wargames which reenact, depicted or are simply set in a historic conflict are commonly referred to as "Historical Wargames". These can be further subdivided buy historical period or conflict.

Historical EraEdit

Ancients Wargaming

17th Century Wargaming

18th Century Wargaming

19th Century Wargaming

20th Century Wargaming

Modern wargaming

Historical ConflictEdit

Napoleonic Wargaming

World War II Wargaming

Non-Historical, FantasyEdit

Wargames which are set in a non-historic conflicts are commonly referred to as "Non-Historical Wargames" "Alternate History" or "Fantasy". Like in Historical Wargaming, these can be further subdivided buy time period or conflict.

Fantasy wargaming

Victorian Science Fiction


Sci-fi wargaming


Wargamers often become devoted to particular rule sets. This devotion often compels them to use a rule set beyond its originally intended scope or for a multitude of eras. Thus it is helpful to organize wargames by rules as well.

DBM De Bellis Multitudinis

Flames of War

Warhammer Ancient Battles

Full Thrust

Stargrunt II


STARGUARD - The game that would not die!


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