Epsilon Indi System

Zyek (spark)

Zone: A

Type : Rock

Diam (km): 2,000 Moons: 0

S'vivon (spinning top)

Zone: B(inner)

Type : Hostile

Diam (km): 11,000

Moons: 0

S'vivon Features: 10 hr rotation period, giant Impact scar, noxious 30 bar atmosphere

Gan (garden)

Zone: B

Type : Earthlike

Diam (km): 14,000

Moons: 2


Gan First and primary colony world of New Israel. Low axial tilt results in mild seasons. Low lats are lush jungles. Polar lats are temperate. Population centers include several associated Niponocorporate Arcologies. Druze areas are primarily in the few semi-arid regions.

Gan's two moons are medium sized (1/2 and 1/3 the size of Luna, respectively). Both are colonized.

Period (Earth Days): 148

Rotation (hr): 26

Local days/year: 136.62

Density (g/cc): 5.6

Gravity (g's): 1.1

Avg Temp (C): 17

% Water: 55

% Ice: 0

Mineral Resources (max 100): 86

Native Life Development: V (advanced) vertibrates

Native Life Basis Earthlike

Human Population (2190) 20 million

Avnet Indi

Zone: B

Type : Asteroid Belt

Diam (km): ~10 m - 600 km

Human population of 54 thousand in scattered habitats, and mining installations

Bareket (emerald)

Zone: C

Type : Giant

Diam (km): 80,000

Moons: 9

Neptunian giant


Zone : C

Type : Giant

Diam (km): 182,000

Moons: 15

Saturnian ring system

Yahalom (diamond)

Zone: C

Type : Cold

Diam (km): 20,000

Moons: 3

Sapir (sapphire)

Zone: C

Type : Cold

Diam (km): 3,000

Moons: 0