Albion System

Region: Inner Colonies



Zone: A

Type : Rock

Diam (km): 2,000

Moons: 0

The Rock

The Rock

Zone: B (inner)

Type : Hostile

Diam (km): 11,000

Moons: 0



Zone: B

Type: Garden

Diam(km): 80,000

Moons: 2 (Nelson and Haven)

Native species: Non, Terran Species introduced.

Language: English

Terrain: Forests, Plains, Mountains, Small Seas, Rivers, Valleys

Length of day: 22.9 standard hours

Length of year : 302 standard Days

Major imports: Heavy industry raw materials (shipped to Nelson and Haven)

Major exports: Foodstuffs (shipped to Nelson and Haven)

Cities: New London (capital), Newport and Sandhurst

Interest: Albion War Memorial Building, Confederacy National Symphony, Avalon Valley, North River Estates, Confederacy Parliament Building, Royal Palace of Albion, Sandhurst Military College, Admiralty House and Ministry of Defence

Affiliation: NAC

Albion is the Capital world of the New Anglian Confederation, and is home to mush of the establishment of the NAC. The Capital of New London is the nerve centre for the entire NAC, the system also contains much of the NAC's production capacity.


Hosk Station1

Achilles Class Battlestation

Orbiting Albion are 4 'Achilles' class Battlestations, these battlestations (each costing double the procurement costs of a Valley Forge Class Superdreadnought) provide the Albion system with the strongest defences in the Inner Colonies.

The ADF (Albion Defence Force) Regiments provide planetside security, althrough the NAC army is generally also available in considerable numbers, also the 1st RM Commando Division is headquartered on Albion.

The ADF is made up of 3 Armd Bdes (Grav) and 6 Lt Inf Bdes.



Type: Moon (Jungle)

Diam (km): 6,000

Terrain: Mountainous Jungle

Points of interest: Nelson Shipyards, Nelson Academy of Engineering and Design, Nelson Orbital Shipyard

Major cities: Nelson City (capital)

Major imports: Food

Major exports: Starships

Affiliation: NAC

Nelson has small colony of Nepalese immigrants making up 15% of total population.



Type: Barren

Diam (km): 12,000

Terrain: Surface is covered by Haven Heavy Industries installation

Points of interest: Haven Heavy Industries

Major cities: None, entire moon is one installation

Major imports: Food

Major exports: Armoured Vechiles, Ammunition and Small Arms

Affiliation: NAC

Haven was founded as a base for the colonisation of Albion, it has since been converted into the largest heavy manufacturing site in human space.

Asteroid Belt

Zone: B (Outer)

Type : Asteroid Belt

Diam (km): ~10 m - 800 km

Human population of 72 thousand in scattered habitats, and mining installations



Zone: C

Type : Giant

Diam (km): 180,000

Moons: 9

Neptunian giant


Zone : C

Type : Giant

Diam (km): 182,000

Moons: 15

Saturnian ring system